The Outdoors

Outdoor Education provides the potential for primary and secondary schools as well as colleges, universities and businesses to promote positive learning experiences in an environment which stimulates both mental and physical challenges.

An Educational Tool

Learning ‘outside the classroom’ helps develop skills that add value to traditional learning experiences as well as impacting positively on attitudes towards learning and self-belief.

At Raasay House we work to achieve this atmosphere of positive experiential learning through the theory of ‘challenge by choice’. Creating situations of perceived risk and difficulty within a safe and supportive framework, allowing learners to create their own experiences and progress within their own individual learning styles.

An Opportunity to Experience

With over 30 years of outdoor education experience, we specialise in creating customised residential programs which are designed to meet your specific outcomes. Whether to reinforce the curriculum (including curriculum for excellence objectives) or simply as an opportunity to widen horizons and provide valuable life experiences, we will work with you to tailor the ideal program for your school group.


A Limitless Environment

Raasay House offers a unique island experience in one of Scotland’s truly wild and remote places.

The isle of Raasay provides a wonderfully  accessible outdoor environment  for experiential learning.

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